Frequently Asked Questions

What IS Minnesota Street Project Art Services?
Minnesota Street Project, launched by Andy and Deborah Rappaport in 2016, is a for-profit arts initiative spanning three buildings that provides below-market rent to San Francisco galleries and artists. Minnesota Street Project Art Services, which launched in June 2016, is an art storage and services business created to both provide superior art handling and collection management service to collectors, galleries and instiutions in the Bay Area and to subsidize operating costs of the overall Project. 100% of our profits support the Minnesota Street Project’s art gallery and artist studios programs.

Oh, I thought it was just gallery space. You have art storage?
Art Services’ secure, state-of-the-art facility offers over 85,000 ft3 of conditioned storage for artwork (monitored at 70 degrees and 50% relative humidity, in accordance with museum standards), as well as 15,000 ft3 of unconditioned storage for crates, furniture, and pedestals.

What separates you from other storage and services companies?
Our personalized approach to collection management was designed by collectors, for collectors, with a focus on meeting clients’ needs while exceeding their expectations. Our business model allows us to flexibly tailor a custom package to the requirements of each client. Furthermore, with 100% of Art Services’ profits going back into the sustainability of the Project, our clients can directly support the San Francisco arts community with their patronage. As an example of aspects of our business model that set up apart from other services providers, will never charge clients to pull and release items from storage to our facility doors, thus streamlining the process of collection access.

What are your facilities like? Can I take a tour?
In addition to our conditioned and unconditioned storage areas, we also have a dedicated intake room for hi-res photography, digital condition reporting, and packing. Our 26’ x 26’ presentation viewing room and our 21.5’ x 16’ photography and meeting facility are ideal for client viewings and intimate events. We are always happy to tour you through the facility. For an appointment, please email

What is a Concierge plan package and how do I qualify?
Starting at 500 ft3 of storage and a minimum one year contract, our Concierge plans bundle in beneficial services such as dedicated storage space, complementary hi-res photography and digital condition reporting of your incoming stored artwork, access to our proprietary collection management software, and responsive administrative support. The more volume you store with us, the lower our rates. If your collection is under 500 ft3, we still offer customizable and individual rate benefits.

Can you tell me more about your collection management software?
ArTracker is our secure and proprietary, cloud-based online collection management software that provides 24/7 remote access to collections data, including live location updates of art objects. It was designed for use on personal computers, smartphones and tablets and offers unlimited viewing and download of all your paperwork, including contracts, bills of lading, condition reports, travel documents, and photos. ArTracker provides two views to clients: one is a window into our warehouse and tracks items we manage as well as account details; the other is a fully-featured collection management system with real-time links to our warehouse system that also allows clients to track works in their collection not managed by us and to add information to all works, such as curatorial, valuation, exhibition, and provenance details.

How will you protect my privacy and security of my items?
Every client is assigned an anonymous client code and each registered artwork has a dedicated number associated with the client code. No personal information is displayed on the artwork and no one other than our staff is permitted into the warehouse without a dedicated guide. All staff is required to adhere to our non-disclosure agreements (NDA). Artwork is carefully and strategically placed upon racks that are bolted to the floor and each shelving unit is tied off with webbing, in case of earthquakes. Our building automation monitoring system (BAM) is accessible remotely, giving us 24/7 access to security cameras, motion sensors and door contacts, and pre-action sprinkler and temperature control systems. We take every effort to protect the privacy of our clients and security of their entrusted valuables.

How will my items be tracked? Will my pieces be stored together?
In addition to client codes and dedicated artwork numbers, every artwork label comes with a unique barcode that is tracked with handheld scanners in real time. Every secure rack and area that holds artwork is also coded to reflect the current location of an item. Our proprietary warehouse-management system always associates the artwork code with the appropriate rack code, so we always know exactly where your works are, even if they are not physically together. While we will make every effort to keep your artwork together in one place when we can, we can only be guarantee dedicated storage areas to our Concierge clients.

I have some new media artwork, as well as temperature sensitive pieces. Do you have cold storage?
Our cold storage locker will be operational in Spring 2017.

What about digital storage for new media works?
Our digital storage will be operational in Spring 2017.

I only have a few items. Is there a minimum amount of storage required to sign up?
There is no minimum volume or fee to store with Minnesota Street Project Art Services.

Do you offer art handling, installation and local transport?
Absolutely! Our experienced team of art handlers are experienced with installation in any setting, including private residences, office buildings, galleries, and institutions. We are equipped to wrap, collect and transport your artwork or inventory anywhere within the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Sometimes I have last minute requests. Can you accommodate me on short notice?
We are here to assist in all art-related projects and will always attempt to accommodate any request, pending availability. In additional to our full-time staff, we do maintain a roster of experienced and vetted contract handlers that we can engage on short notice and for large jobs.

What is the background of the staff handling my collection?
Our team is comprised of arts professionals with years of experience in collection management. Each of our staff members has extensive experience working with local and national museums, galleries, arts institutions and private collections. We follow the most careful and exact protocols for handling, installing and packaging artwork, in accordance with museum specifications.

What other services do you offer?
Our goal is to provide clients with an all-inclusive approach to collection management and we are happy to coordinate out-of-house services such as shipping, crating, insurance appraisals, accessions/deaccessions, conservation and framing.

Can you send me your rates for storage and services?
While we do not publish our rates, we can quickly produce an estimate based on your provided information that lists our charges, per request.

When can I expect to be invoiced?
Our transparent, one-bill invoices go out on the first of every month and reflect all charges from the previous month.

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